Welcome to The Going Merry recruitment page.

We here in The Going Merry guild welcome you and invite you to apply to join our happy crew. We are a group of close friends and family who love to game. Most of us have played many different MMOs and have experience in the workings of a good guild. We are looking for everyone from the casual player to the hardcore. We will be on everyday questing and leveling. We ask that you respect all members of the guild as if they were your family. We do enjoy joking around and having a good time too. So you don't have to be shy we have heard it all. That being said we will not tolerate racial discrimination of any kind. Besides that everything else is in the clear. We try to keep it fun. We also ask that you help your fellow crew mates. Meaning if they are having trouble leveling and you are not busy then please help them to progress. We want everyone to have fun and be able to raid and enjoy the full game of FFXIV. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us "Admins" Directly on the game. Thank you for showing internist in The Going Merry guild.

- Zetheros Vertan

Momo Starseeker
Zetheros Vertan
Hippo Hater
Alakari Deloak
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